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Profitable solution for pumping water

Irrigating Solar Pumps

Submercible Pumps

Operating on solar power and with an easy installation they can be used in remote áreas where electricity is not available. When cultivating the key to productivity lies in an efficient and sustainable irrigation. Solar irrigation system produces no emissions or noise. Solar Energy for irrigation is more reliable, cleaner and more sustainable.

Why should we use Solar Pumps for Irrigating?

If we wish to acquire agreater productivity as ell as saving money, the usage of irrigation systems with solar pumps will help us immediatly.

  • You will also avoid going on to a gas station to fill a tank with diésel. That way you gain time and help to preserve the environment.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Solar energy does not run out.
  • Can be used at homes.
  • Model - SG3TSS/SG4TSS
    Model - SG3TSC/SG4TSC
    Model - SG5TSC/30 y 32
    Model - GSTSSP

    Solar pumps for irrigation and animal husbandry

    Collect water from deep wells and use it in irrigating applications

    Solar powered submercible pumps

    These are driven by dual power supply solar network that is powered by solar energy, with efficiency and more advanced automatic control. It consists of photovoltaic solar panels, driven directly by structures of solar photovoltaic panels during the day and by its own network during the night.

    Surface solar pumps

    They increase wáter pressure, and can also be used for irrigating, drip irrigation. programed irrigation,lift irrigation flow rate.