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Solar Panels - Infinite Energy

Solar Panels

Solar Module

A solar Panel in a device that catches energy from solar radiation and transforms it into electricity. Thermal energy from the sun and photovoltaic panels are commonly used trhoughot the world and greatly contribute to preserve the ecosistem.
Panels consist on a series of receptive plates with attached conduits through which runs a liquid that gets heated and then pumpted to a heat exchanger where it transfers heat energy and then circulate back towards the panel to get warm again

Why Using Solar Panels?

If we wish to improve living quality and contribute to preserve safe the environment then using solar energy is our best ally.

  • Panels don’t emit dangerous gases such as sulfure monoxide, sulfure dioxide, carboon monoxide or carboon dioxide.
  • Panels can be applied to any type of matherial.
  • Panels are easy tto install and only need few maintenance.
  • Panels don’t make noise as they are silent.
  • SGLJ 100M-36
    SGLJ 155M-54
    SGLJ 170M-60
    SGLJ 190M-72
    SGLJ 245M-60
    SGLJ 250M-96
    SGLJ 295m-72
    SGLJ 150P-36
    SGLJ 210P-54
    SGLJ 240P-60
    SGLJ 285P-72

    Cells that transform solar energy into electricity

    Solar energy arrives to the erarth as electromagnethic energy mainly in the form of light, heat and UV rays

    Modules and Panels

    Energy tolerance (0~+3) to ensure a high reliability on the power output.

    Solar Cells

    TÜV certified for ithstanding a high range of wind blows ( Módulos certificados por TÜV con el soporte de alto nivel de las cargas de viento (24002 400 Pa), as well as snow loads (5 400 Pa), confirming mechanical stability.

    Photovoltaic Panels

    Design with drainage holes in the frame secures the module to ithstand various waether conditions.

    Solar Boards

    Junction box and bypass diode ensure the modules are free from overhating. Module with high resistance to reverse current.