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Controll your house from your smartphone

Smart Home

Have you ever wonder how a Future House would be?

Smart Homes indsutriy already grows fast. Right now we can think about a house that has a bathroom with a Smartmirror equipied with a screen that allos us to watch the news, other connected romos, the main door for a mayor safety. Smartlights that turn on as soon as we open the door or to control them from our smartphones. Even the fridge can notify us if suplies run off creating a list of the ítems we need to buy..

How does a Smart Home works out

Manage settings from your Smartphone. Control remote lights and irrigation systems, temperature, doors and windows. You can also manage your entertainment center like tv and music. It also has more than 10 customizable functions. A convenient way to automate curtains and appliances, water and gas networks. Get ready to have a great day!
With our Smart home system you also achieve greater security for your home in a very comfortable and safe way.

Smart Wireless Switch

Currently modern times technology gives us everything. And manipulating staff at a distance with a button is a fact that is part of our daily life. But how is technology being launched to improve our life? Home automation is the answer. And this is achieved by automating all the electronic components of our home generating a great environment, simple and dynamic. Facilitating our activities we can have a smart home.

It receives and processes radio signals from switches and other equipment, it can also be used together with wireless switches and sensors.

Smart Wireless Switch, no need for electricity, wireless technology and control system.

  • Power supply: 220AC - 110 AC
  • Radio Working Frequency: 1GHz
  • Temperature: -20C ~ 60C
  • Service Life: more than five hundred thousand times
  • Control Range: 30m in / 150m outdoors
  • Change places without breaking walls
  • Own power supply
  • Unrestricted address or remote control
  • Smart-Home

    Enjoy a safer home

    Controlling your house from any place is really simple thanks to the systems that here in Greensys we have for you.

    Lighting System

    Control on and off all the lights in your home.

    Security System

    More control and better safety for your home from your smartphone.

    Electrcity Control

    Controle the whole of the electicity system of your house.

    Temperature System

    Check the temperature state in your house to control it.