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What is a Solar Panel?

It is a device that captures the energy of solar radiation for its use, the photovoltaic panels are used to generate electricity and are formed by numerous solar cells that are usually silicon

What is the useful life of a solar panel?

25 years, after this time its efficiency reaches 75%

How the solar photovoltaic

Photovoltaic solar energy is obtained from solar radiation by means of a semiconductor device called photovoltaic cell

What is global warming

It is the warming that occurs when certain gases from earth's atmosphere keep the heat. These gases let the light pass but keep the heat like the glass walls of a greenhouse, the greenhouse gases retain part of this heat and the rest escapes into space.

What are non-conventional renewable energies

Unconventional renewable energies are the cleanest alternative for the environment. They are found in nature in an unlimited amount and once consumed they can be regenerated in a natural or artificial way. Unlike conventional sources, non-conventional renewable energies are clean resources whose impact is practically nil and always reversible.

What is wind energy

It is the kinetic energy produced by the wind. Through wind turbines or windmills, the air currents are exploited and transformed into electricity. Within wind power, we can find offshore wind, whose offshore wind farms

What are non-renewable energies

They are those found in nature with a limited amount and when exhausted can not be replaced and are highly polluting like coal, oil, natural gas and butane gas

What solutions Greensys offers

We offer photovoltaic and wind energy solutions through:
Network-connected systems (On Grid)
Systems not interconnected to the grid (Off Grid)
Pumping Systems
Lighting systems for parks, gardens and public streets.
Refrigeration systems
Air conditioners